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Bhopal Campus Library (Vararuchi Granthagara)


The Campus comprises a multi developed Central Library with modern facilities. This is linked to the online library of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi and cataloguing of books is under process with the help of e-granthalaya program of NIC. The newly built library consists separate arrangements for reading purpose and the reading blocks are also divided into two parts to facilitate students and staff separately. It contains above 15000 books besides a large number of periodicals and magazines to make it a hub of research activity and learning abode. The campus administration thrives to make it a prime destination for the people who wish to increase their knowledge in the Sanskrit disciplines like Vyakarana, Sahitya, Siksha-Shastra and pro-society subjects like Jyotish, Karma Kand, Vastu etc.




 As a centre of intense intellectual inquiry, the campus Library shares with researchers the aspiration to be the most dynamic learning environment in the Sanskrit world. The Library ensures that its collections remain forward-looking, open to browsing and of world renowned quality. The Library continues to embrace change and align itself to thrive on diversity.



The library’s mission is to provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the research, teaching, and needs of the scholars community. Library commits to ensure the preservation and long-lasting availability of library collections and resources.


Library Values


1. We encourage the process of learning and the life of the mind.


2. We believe that each user of the Library is unique and important.


3. We evolve to meet the changing needs of the Library and its users.


4. We support individual growth and organizational development.


5. We maintain a comfortable, secure place of study, research, work, reflection and interaction.


About Library

1.The institution has a rich library system.
2.There is one central library and four departmental libraries and they are all well-equipped.
3.There is an Integrated Library Management System
4.The Visitors’ Register, the Books Issue Register separate for Students and Staff, Research Fellows Register are maintained regulary from time to time in the library

Library Details

Campus Library Statics as on 31st May 2021


1. Campus Magazines -16

2. Competitive Magazines - 05

3. other Magazines -25

4. No News Paper (Daily) - 09

5. Journals (National,International reffered, ISSN,Peeretc - 25

6. E-Books - No

7. E-granthalaya - 19602

8. Total Library Books - 20940

9. Pubication - 10

10. CD /DVD - 54

11. Almirah -04

12. Books Shelves -56

For More Details E-Catalogs
E-Books & Journals


Library Collection

1.The Campus has a rich library with more than 20940 books and 09 magazines and journals. Most of the magazines and journals are sent by the different Sanskrit institutions free of cost.
2.There is the facility of book bank in our library which has 1537 books and the number of donated books is 675 (Persnal Resorces)
3.Open Sources book links are available in Campus Website.




1. Each student will be issued Library Borrowing Card for availing books for reference.
2. All students have to return the books borrowed within the stipulated time.
3. The Borrower Card should be surrendered on completion of the course or termination of the membership or on notice.
4. A Non-member will be permitted to refer the library with the approval of the competent authority.
5. Books will be issued to the members only on the production of identity card.
6. Students of the Campus with Identity Cards only are allowed to use the Library.
7. Damaged/rare books and the books which are 25 years old will not be issued.
8. No Dues Certificate will be issued by the librarian when a reader ceases to be a member and returns all books.
9. Silence should be strictly maintained in the library.
10. Readers are requested to leave the books on the reading tables after their use.
11. Books will be issued on request and reference given by the students.
12. Reference books, Multi-volume books and periodicals are not lent


1. Borrowers are eligible to keep a book ordinarily for 14 days from the date of issue. A penalty of Re 1-00 per day, per book will be levied if returned after due date.
2. A penalty ranging four times or more of the price of the damaged or lost books will be levied and the decision of the Library Committee/Librarian/competent authority is final in this regard.